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Awards & Reviews


Lois Grandi in a Grey Suit
2009 Two Bay Area Critic's Circle Awards for Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical for In This House.
2008 Bay Area Critic's Circle Award was given to Lois Grandi for special achievement for her thirteen years of creating excellent theatre at Playhouse West.
2002, 2004 & 2005 Playhouse West was voted Best Small Theatre Company in the East Bay by readers of Diablo Magazine.
2003 Two Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Awards for Best Direction of a Musical and Best Entire Production of a Musical,
The Boy Friend
2002 Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award for Best Direction of a Musical for Whispers on the Wind.
2001 Bay Area Critic's Circle Award for Best Principal Performance by an actress, Light Sensitive.
1996 to 2006 Over 85 Dean Goodman Choice Awards for excellence in Producing, Directing, Choreographing and Acting.
1998 Lois Grandi was recognized by the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County for her efforts in support of the arts in the region.
1997 Ten Drama Logue Awards for The World Goes 'Round.



What the Night is For “Lois Grandi portrays Lindy Metz with sophisticated elegance and style. She’s effervescent and engaging as this highly intelligent, frustrated and vivacious character;”
Stephanie Wright-Hession, Bay Area Arts

Light  Sensitive “It is an astounding transformation and it gives Grandi the opportunity to stretch her acting muscles into some little-explored territory. And she does it wonderfully.”           
Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

Two for the Seesaw “Lois has a wealth of talent, and years of experience. In playing the role of Gittel, a tough, Bronx-born hoofer with a heart of gold and painfully empty checking account, Lois has made the right move with the right piece”
Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News

Lovers and Other Strangers “Grandi’s Wilma is energetic and sassy, sharply contrasting with Cadwell’s lethargic and mundane Johnny. Their veteran status is evident and provides for superb entertainment from each of them”
Tom Kepler,

Smile “Brenda, doggedly upbeat and in charge, is played to the hilt by Lois Grandi”
Harriet Ainsworth, Contra Costa Times


String Fever “Inventively staged by Lois Grandi  - her snappy staging blends the performances well”
Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Oleanna “many questions - ones that Director Lois Grandi’s production lays out in a welter of steadily building tension and perfectly paced overlapping dialogue”
Lisa Drostova, East Bay Express

Art “With the incredible cast and Grandi’s direction, the show is a gem that will keep you both laughing and thinking”
Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

The Boy Friend “Grandi has found just the right tone to make The Boy Friend work - Every move they make is a conscious pose, and their synchronized silliness is the show’s comic engine. And when that engine is humming…..”
Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

Baby “Artistic Director Lois Grandi has directed and choreographed the piece beautifully.”
Richard Connema,

Taking Sides “The acting is so good in this production you’d swear you were watching the real life event unfold in front of you. Director Lois Grandi took special care to emphasize character development and dramatic impact –allowing the metaphors and symbolism to breathe naturally out of the action.”
David Kashimba, Joint Forces Journal

Honour “Grandi’s direction is right on the mark, and the brilliant work is executed with clarity and purpose. The acting is perfect”
Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News

“Sexy, Sizzling 'Chicago' ”
This is "Chicago" about as good as you'll see it.”
A sensual delight Directed and Choreographed by Lois Grandi”
Pat Craig , San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times

For all of you Lois Grandi fans, you now have something to cheer about. Lois Grandi is back, back in her best element, musical theater, and once again demonstrating her highly acclaimed directing skills as she directs this stellar production.”
“Lois Grandi is known for her demand for acting perfection and attention to detail and the results definitely pay off in what has to be one of the best productions of this musical my wife and I have seen locally. Wow! Don’t miss this one!”
Charles jarrett, Rossmoor News

“Director/choreographer Lois Grandi has outdone herself with a stylish and oh-so-sexy production”
“Grandi's inventive, athletic choreography on a practically vertical set is something to behold.”
Sally Hogarty, Orinda News and Walnut Creek Journal

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